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Terms & Conditions 

Terms and Conditions

Kindly take a moment to thoroughly review the subsequent terms and conditions.

By utilising our Website or placing an Order with us, you unequivocally agree to be bound by these terms in their entirety. Failure to accept these terms and conditions will preclude you from placing an Order with us. We may periodically update or revise these terms and conditions.

Please revisit this section for any modifications and/or amendments. Should you need to contact us for any reason, please use the information provided on the 'Contact Us' page of the Website.

Comprehending these Terms & Conditions

In references to "Villas Brazil," “Villas Brazil Shop,” "Villas Brazil at Home," “we,” “us,” or “our,” it is indicative of a company incorporated in England and Wales under the registration number 12773205, with its registered office address situated at Office 9, Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, London, United Kingdom, SW19 2RR. When pertaining to “you” or “your,” it denotes your status as an individual accessing and/or utilizing our Website or placing an Order with us. The term “Website” pertains to this specific website, “Products” encompass the Downloadable Gift Cards and Physical Gift Cards available for purchase through our Website. “Order” signifies the Products that you have procured from our Website and have scheduled for delivery. “Delivery” encompasses the physical or digital delivery of the Order placed on our Website. “Downloadable Gift Card” denotes the electronically accessible gift card product downloadable onto your computer, tablet, or smartphone. “Physical Gift Card” refers to a tangible gift card dispatched to your designated delivery address.


We exercise due diligence to ensure the precision of product descriptions, images, and information. Minor modifications may be made to the Products to reflect alterations in pertinent laws and regulatory prerequisites, or to implement minor technical refinements and enhancements.

Your Order

Procurement of Products from us can be executed using the ordering platform on our Website. To place an Order with us, it is requisite that you are 18 years of age. To acquire Products from us, each desired Product must be added to your virtual shopping cart on the Website. Before confirming your Order, you possess the liberty to append, modify, or eliminate any Product from your shopping cart. You can also adjust the quantities of Products prior to confirming your Order. Accuracy and completeness of the details furnished by you, including delivery address or email address, are imperative. Specific instructions as delineated in clause 5.6 must also be provided. Acceptance of an Order is pending until you receive an Order confirmation email from us, detailing the Products ordered, their prices, and delivery particulars. Our agreement to sell Products to you culminates upon acceptance of your Order. Should we be unable to accept your Order, we will duly apprise you and refrain from levying charges for the Products. Such instances may arise due to unforeseen resource constraints, unanticipated price or product description errors, or inability to meet specified delivery deadlines.

In scenarios where an Order is placed for a Physical Gift Card that is unavailable due to aforementioned resource limitations, you may be offered a Downloadable Gift Card instead. This alternative may be accompanied by a reimbursement of delivery charges or the choice to receive a full refund.

Should any inaccuracies arise in the Order confirmation, we urge you to expeditiously reach out to us via the link provided on our Website.

Alterations to your particulars must be communicated to us either by updating your account details on our Website or by contacting our team. It is essential that such changes are communicated prior to the dispatch of your Order. We assume no responsibility for the erroneous delivery of Physical Gift Cards resulting from incorrect address information furnished during Order placement, nor for the delivery of a Downloadable Gift Card to an erroneously provided email address. In such instances, we are prepared to dispatch a replacement; however, shipping costs shall be borne by you.

You are accountable for all activities transpiring on your account and any Orders placed, modified, or revoked under your password.

We retain the prerogative to suspend or terminate your account at our discretion.

Personal data provided during account setup is subject to our Privacy Policy. We advise a thorough perusal of the Privacy Policy accessible here.


The stipulated price for Products will be the one displayed on the Order pages during the Order placement process. Vigilance is exercised to ensure the accuracy of the advised Product price. However, section 4.2 elucidates the course of action in instances where discrepancies in the Product price come to light.

Despite our earnest endeavors, inadvertent mispricing of some Products we offer remains plausible. Price verification is typically conducted before Order acceptance. In cases where the accurate Product price on your Order date is less than the initially stated price, the lesser amount will be charged. If the accurate Product price on your Order date surpasses the stated price, we shall solicit your guidance prior to accepting your Order. Should we accept and process an Order despite an evident and unmistakable pricing error that could reasonably have been discerned as a mispricing, we reserve the right to terminate the contract, reimburse any monies paid, and request the return of delivered Products.

Obligation lies with you to provide valid credit or debit card details. Adjustments to payment particulars can be made by updating your account information on this Website or by liaising with our team. Kindly refrain from transmitting payment card details via email. Payment for Products will be effected prior to dispatch.

Your payment information is safeguarded within our systems. We make every effort to secure this data. Card details are encrypted, stored, and processed by a fully PCI compliant third-party provider, rendering them inaccessible to our staff or other third parties. Dynamic 3D Secure authentication technology is also implemented to deter fraudulent activities.

We retain the prerogative to suspend or nullify Orders or deliveries in the event of card issuer disapproval or bank rejection of payment authorization. Clearance of payment and confirmation thereof are prerequisites before placing a subsequent Order.


In instances of an Order for a Downloadable Gift Card, access to the product will be granted for download upon Order acceptance.

Refer to clause 5.6 for implications if an incorrect email address is provided.

For Orders of Physical Gift Cards, adherence to clauses 5.3 through 5.11 below is imperative.

Delivery charges for Physical Gift Cards will be clearly displayed on our Website.

Royal Mail is enlisted to fulfill your delivery requirements.

Timely delivery of Products is aspired to, and under all circumstances, it will take place within 30 days from the day of Order acceptance.

The onus is on you to furnish accurate Delivery details during Order placement. Should inaccuracies surface in the email address, physical address, postal code, or Delivery instructions, prompt notification is mandatory. Endeavors will be made to adjust delivery to the revised address. In cases where delivery to the amended address is unfeasible, termination of the contract may be contemplated.

We do not accept liability for refused or unaccepted deliveries at the designated address. Issuance of a new gift card is feasible, albeit associated shipping costs would be your responsibility.

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